We want to make sure you receive the best service and that you can trust Sandcastle Homewatch to take care of your investment while you are away. We will BEAT any price that you have with your current homewatch service.


Condo: 75*


Services Rendered:

  • Visually inspect all aspects of the air conditioning system
  • Look for any damages around doors for any force entry
  • Check for signs of water leaks(Faucets, water heater, and ceiling)
  • Assure home is left clean from any authorized guests
  • Replace any light bulbs that need to be replaced *per request
  • Run all water faucets and toilets
  • Handle all mail *per request
  • Assure all lanai cages are not torn, and in great shape
  • Assure all other services are being rendered i.e. lawn care, and pool service
  • Remove any rodents/pests
  • Check refrigerator for proper operation(if left on) and make sure there is no mildew buildup(if left off)
  • Electrical panel will be inspected for any trip breakers caused by power surges
  • Remove all unwanted newspapers/flyers
  • Assure pool pump is in good running condition
  • Have a boat? I was strap down your boat with heavy-duty tow straps

If a repair is needed, Sandcastle Homewatch will gladly use your choice of company for any repairs, if you do not have a preferred company, Sandcastle Homewatch will gladly contact someone for you. Any repairs will be billed to you, or through Sandcastle Homewatch depending on the service.ragraph here.